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About us

In life, says Proust, we end up doing whatever we do second best. This is certainly not our case at SK Consulting e.U.!

We specialise in sourcing so that our customers can best achieve their aims in terms of technologies, people and financial resources and instruments.

We carry an expertise of more than 25 years in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies, and have been there when all the big revolutions were taking place that changed the state of the play and prepared the stage for all what we experience today.

Our business is defined by the ambitions of our customers and we put strong emphasis in working together with them as a value co-creating team and not following traditional supplier’s practices.

Our motto is that ‚Universities, research centres and technology companies should do what they do best, namely research and development. Our business starts where their skills and competencies end. We are specialised in branding and leveraging of all intellectual capital assets that are created within a project’s lifetime and try to create new sustainable businesses and jobs out of technology innovations‘.

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